¿Y si vivimos en Arboleda?

Redefining residential living.

Who they are

Arboleda embodies a city lifestyle envisioned to be brimming with endless possibilities.

Experience the freedom of communal living amidst open, natural city spaces—where parks, plazas, and inner streets harmoniously connect residences, services, offices, and a grand commercial adventure. Arboleda embraces life in proximity to what truly matters.

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December 2022 – March 2023


Who they are

A young-spirited Mexican architecture firm with a long history and experience that combines the best of cutting-edge architectural design with the best in high-performance real estate investments.

What we did

When we did it

Brand Strategy
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march 15th of 2023


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Hours of collaborative development

History of Distinctive Living

When Arboleda approached the team at Grit to create a campaign for their residential sector, they emphasized the desire to ignite creativity above all. They aimed to distinguish the brand from other developers who traditionally focus on concise features such as amenities, costs, square meters, finishes, and renders. Thus, the journey of imagination and redefining the norms of residential marketing began.


Our multidisciplinary team went hands-on to craft five distinct marketing campaign proposals, each placing creativity and innovation at the forefront. While the proposals varied significantly, one phrase stood out to us during the investigation progress. Whenever you asked about Arboleda and its residential spaces, people would frequently say:

“When you visit Arboleda, ask them to show you the scale models.”


These intricate models became our guiding inspiration to fashion a truly unique campaign. Crafted by a team of specialized architects in collaboration with Arboleda's team, these models became masterpieces that envelop visitors in their beauty, showcasing incredible details. They manage to immerse everyone and transport them into the real spaces within the exquisite world of Arboleda.


That’s when we knew we hit the jackpot! These models would be the stars of the campaign. We began brainstorming how to showcase the scale models created by Arboleda, as we observed that visitors connected with them and were impressed by the beauty and grandeur of these models.


With these models, we aimed not only to showcase the physical attributes of the development but, more importantly, to convey the essence of a distinctive lifestyle. By steering away from conventional luxury narratives and embracing the perspective of residents, we successfully highlighted Arboleda as a community of creativity and inspiration.


After several visits, we captured all the shots that encapsulated the core of the campaign. With all hands on deck, our talented editors dedicated themselves to the post-production process, crafting a compelling video. 


One of the most challenging decisions was selecting the musical accompaniment for these stunning videos. We finally opted for a specific modern version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a series of concertos that broke new ground with technical innovations. This choice perfectly encapsulated what Arboleda represents: a place of distinction, widely recognized for its remarkable work yet embracing a modern and innovative spirit.


This holistic approach effectively communicates Arboleda’s unique identity, setting it apart in the competitive landscape. The use of scale models became a storytelling tool, inviting individuals to envision not just a physical space, but a way of life defined by creativity, uniqueness, and inspiration. ¿Y si vivimos en Arboleda? What if we live in Arboleda? This question becomes an invitation to explore a living experience that goes beyond the ordinary, embodying the ethos of a creative and distinctive community.

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